BioMedical Engineer or Technician / Sales Representative

BioMedical Engineer or Technician / Sales Representative

Marketer / Sales representative

Digital Communications

Head of Operations

Finance Officer

Beryl Arinda Ngabirano.
CEO - Calibre Medical Solutions Ltd

Beryl is an upcoming researcher, entrepreneur, innovator and leader in biomedical engineering. She was trained at Makerere University, Uganda and has proceeded to work there to support the new Biomedical engineering program. Beryl is involved in work that aims at capacity building of biomedical engineering all across Uganda. She passionate about frugal innovations for Uganda and aspires to be an influential professor in Biomedical engineering in Uganda

Working at Calibre Medical Solutions Ltd

Employee composition at Calibre Medical Solutions Ltd

Mirimu Edward
BioMedical Engineer or Technician and Sales Representative

Edward is a technical manager at Calibre Medical Limited technical department. He oversees duties and activities in the servicing, repair, and maintenance section. He attended Bakka Junior primary school, Hormisdallen primary school, St. Peter’s SS Nsambya, and later joined Kyambogo University.

Prominent working strengths are in client relations and flexibility.

Prior to joining Calibre, Eddy attained a Certificate of patient monitoring from Kyambogo University, a certificate of best leadership from St. Peter’s SS Nsambya, and a diploma in Biomedical Engineering from Kyambogo University. 

Ssemuwemba Rashid
Marketeer / Sales representative

A Makerere University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Bachelors of Commerce, with a major in marketing. Rashid is a marketer at Calibre Medical Limited in the marketing department, with diverse skills in marketing and sales. He is very determined, outspoken, and God loving individual. His exceptional leadership skills are traced way back from his times at Watoto Church Kampala.

His roles at Calibre include, studying marketing trends in medical healthcare systems, monitoring competition from similar biomedical agencies & companies, recommending new marketing schemes for the company, and ensuring that conversion is significant in whatever the company sells to the market 

Mboowa Martin
BioMedical Engineer or Technician / Sales Representative

Martin is a technical assistant at Calibre Medical Solutions Ltd with a working history in the hospital & healthcare industry. Proficient in Installation, Maintenance & Repair of a variety of medical equipment. Strong research and engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from Makerere University.

Jude Odele
Digital communications, and Product development

Jude Odele is a pioneer healthcare and technology writer, a Biomedical Engineer from Makerere University, and one of the first to embrace publication of credible, relevant and high quality information in the sector.

Jude uses web-platforms to affect healthy relate-able conversations for all stakeholders in health & tech that include the, patient, provider, purchaser, and policy maker, so they can make better-informed diagnosis decisions.

Prior to joining Calibre, he worked with Rem Uganda Ltd, Africell Uganda Ltd, and Makerere University Biomedical Engineering Students' Association (MUBESA).

Specialties: global health, policy, product development, understanding social media best practices, and leadership 


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