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Jude Odele 

Jude Odele is the Head of Communications at Calibre Medical Solutions Limited, a biomedical engineering company founded by pioneer Ugandan Biomedical Engineers with the sole purpose of positively influencing the culture of healthcare delivery.

The company aims at improving health care delivery in East Africa through calibration and encouraging research and innovations through design and manufacturing.

Prior to joining Calibre Medical Solutions Ltd, Jude Odele served as the publicity secretary while at Makerere University Biomedical Students Association, and his roles included; acting as a spokesperson, developing marketing and publicity activities for the association, and overseeing the association's website updates.

Together with his mentor, Emmanuel Barya, they co-founded Rem Uganda Ltd in 2016, and the company has since collaborated with a business development entity NEBA (North European Business Academy) in Finland. Rem, specializes in short business development courses, digital communications, and student mentorship.

Calibre Medical Solutions is yet another opportunity for Jude to affect tangible social and political change in health on a local, national and global level, for provision of quality and reliable products and services.

On the road to develop healthcare engineering solutions that improve health in Uganda for the patient, purchaser, provider, and policy maker, Jude Odele has contributed in writing and publication of Calibre Medical Solutions' work for the past 2 years through;

1. Developing web management systems. 
2. Product development.
3. Advising the leadership team of the company's existing consumer online technology / interfaces, and how to better it for return on investment.

4. Understanding social media best practices, online marketing strategies and engadgement techniques.

Thus, expanding Calibre Medical Solutions Ltd's online reach from zero to over 10,000 impressions monthly on the internet

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