About Calibre Medical Solutions Ltd.  

A biomedical engineering company that was founded by pioneer Ugandan biomedical engineers with the sole purpose of providing quality and affordable healthcare products and services to the people of Uganda and East African region. Calibre offers a diverse number of healthcare products including Laboratory and medical equipment, and consumables e.g. sample collection tubes, RDT kits, gloves, syringes, sutures, centrifuges, suction machines, oxygen concentrators, autoclaves, microscopes, ultrasounds machines and consumables, Dental Equipment (dental chairs and orthodontic appliances), and so much more!

The company also offers healthcare technology management services including Planning, procurement, Preventative and Corrective Maintenance, Repair, Quality Assurance and Risk Management. We also put great emphasis on the delivery of calibration services for a variety of medical devices equipment and instruments including Pipette Calibration, Flow Calibration, Pressure Calibration, Temperature/ Humidity Calibration, Precision Mass Calibration and others

The company will also be directly involved in the innovation process of design and manufacturing of medical devices, hospital management systems, health applications, and other engineering solutions that will help improve the efficiency and quality of health in Uganda.
  1. OUR GOAL -  Our company aims at improving health care delivery in East Africa through calibration and encouraging research and innovations through design and manufacturing. We intend to be able to produce basic medical equipment and supplies like gloves, syringes, suction machines, pulse oximeters, maternal devices and many more.
  2. VISION - To be the leading service provider of quality assurance for medical and hospital systems in the region
  3. MISSION - To deliver quality in health systems through biomedical engineering; through calibration, supply of biomedical systems, repair and maintenance, user trainings, consultations, and supply of quality medical grade consumables.



We provide the best and most affordable healthcare products and services in Uganda and East Africa.


Calibre offers a diverse number of healthcare products that include medical equipment, and consumables.


We deliver top-most quality products and services in healthcare systems through biomedical engineering.


Calibre is proud to posses a team of proficient and expert, employees to deliver to our clients' expectations.


 Moyo Close, Kololo
Opposite former Kololo gardens

Phone: +256 702 955011 
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